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Lee Supporters on Monument Avenue Refuse to Pay More Than Three-Fifths Of Taxes In Protest

RICHMOND, Va. In another chapter of the ongoing skirmish between heritage and hate, Monument Avenue homeowners are vowing that they will only pay three-fifths of their property taxes should the last of the Confederate monuments be removed.

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This comes after concerns that the dropping of these statues will lead to dropping real estate values.

“Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for progress. My cousin’s step-grandchildren are half-Black, and I posted a black square on my Instagram feed,” Alex Henderson, a banker and Monument Avenue resident, said. “But I have to protect my investment in my house. I mean, what more do you want from me? I have kids!”

Ann Goff, another Monument Avenue resident, says the lowered taxes are only fair. “I view it as reparations,” Goff said. “If they take away the statues, then every day when we look out our windows, we’ll be subjected to a statue-less environment. Can you imagine? Who will bear the burden of the removal of the statues for years to come? The homeowners, that’s who! We deserve something for our suffering.”

When asked if the removal of the Arthur Ashe statue would affect home values, Goff was hesitant to answer. “Oh my, look at the time,” she said. “I’m late for a…thing. Yeah, late for a thing.”


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