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Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen Pay Tribute to the Allens We’ve Lost in 2020

RICHMOND, Va. — The personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen paid tribute to the Allens we’ve lost in 2020 in a video released on Tuesday.

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The video highlights the achievements of several Allens, whose lives sadly came to an end recently.

“2020 has been a rough year for many Allens,” said Richard Allen, a spokesperson for the law firm.  “We wanted to honor their memory, while also giving our social media crew something to do so we don’t have to lay them off. As our competitors Marks & Harrison would say, it’s a win-win situation.”

Allens highlighted in the video include Allen Sebring of Powhatan, a barber who died of complications from COVID-19; Allen Smith, a data analyst who suffered a fatal car crash; and Allen Allen, a Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen heir, who upon turning eighteen legally changed his name to John Smith.

“All these Allens distinguished themselves as Allens,” said spokesperson Allen. “Especially Allen Allen, who in his eighteen years of life showed so much promise and potential. Allen Allen would have made a fine Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen partner.”

The video also took a moment of silence to honor the Allen wrench that Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen intern Allen Lang dropped down an air vent while putting together waiting room furniture.

“It was a sad day when Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen intern Allen lost his Allen wrench,” Allen continued. “A very sad day for everyone except our other intern Phillip.”

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