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The Peedmont to Change Name to “Virginia Made-Up News Group”

Virginia Made-Up News Group HQ — Citing an official name change as something that has been a long time coming, Virginia’s satirical news outlet The Peedmont will be changing their name temporarily to “Virginia Made-Up News Group,” the organization announced Friday.

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“We’ve been kicking around the idea of changing our name for a while now, and we think this will be an honest placeholder to tide us over until we settle on a more permanent title,” Dewey Stanfield, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of what is now Virginia Made-Up News Group LLC, explained in a statement, adding that the temporary name was selected largely for branding purposes.

“Our former name had the word ‘pee’ in it, and we have come to realize the offensiveness of that term, and when our big ad buyers like Wild Birds Unlimited and Amanda Chase for Governor threatened to pull those advertising dollars, we were left with no choice but to listen.”

“We want to make sure everyone knows what we’re about,” Stanfield continued. “Virginia Made-Up News Group is simple, it’s accurate, and the domain was available on GoDaddy, so we’re confident that this change will be for the best until we decide on a permanent name.”

At the time of reporting, the Richmond Times-Dispatch was also unveiling a new name for branding purposes, now calling themselves the “Richmond Pay-Per-Article-And-Take-This-Worthless-Poll News Outlet.”

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