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Area Pothole Accused of Taking Bribes From Nearby Auto Repair Shop

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — A pothole just off Route 1 in Chesterfield has been accused of being paid off by nearby repair shop, Bob’s Auto.

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The pothole, which has been nicknamed the Richmond Reaper by locals, has been responsible for 13 flat tires and five broken struts so far, most of which were repaired at Bob’s Auto.

While the pothole refused to give an interview, Bob Tooley, the owner and operator of Bob’s Auto, strongly denied these allegations. “I run a legitimate auto repair business,” Tooley said. “I, of course, don’t like to see cars break down, especially due to potholes. But when they do, my team and I are here with world-class service to get you back out on the road, so you can break down again—I mean, so you can get where you need to go.”

Cody Warner, a recent victim of the Richmond Reaper, wasn’t so certain of Bob’s innocence. “Something just doesn’t feel right here,” Warner said while replacing his tire on the side of the road. “That pothole was looking pretty flush with cash when I ran over it. Like literally! I found a couple hundred bills stuck in the rim of my tire.”

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has been contacted repeatedly about the pothole, but so far has done nothing. Tom Crawford, a Henrico-based spokesperson for VDOT, assured motorists with damaged cars that the pothole would be addressed, but that it was possible any action may have to wait until September. “Since the summer is VDOT’s busiest time of the year, it may be some time before our crews can perform the necessary road repairs on the Reaper.”

At press time, a representative from VDOT had been seen at the pothole taking several large plain envelopes from a Bob’s Auto employee. 

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