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UVA 2020 Tailgating Flip Cup Tournament to be Postponed

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Citing health concerns due to COVID-19, University of Virginia’s (UVA) annual flip cup tournament has been officially postponed until 2021, the school announced Thursday.

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“The tournament is known to have its own dangers, like alcohol poisoning or social embarrassment; however, COVID-19 takes us beyond the typical,” explained Kappa Sigma, the fraternity that organizes the tailgate event every year through a partnership with Bud Lite and a local 7-11 convenience store. “That is why we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s tournament.”

While the Hoos are preparing for the fall football season, the flip cup tournament’s cancellation is in line with the decision that fans will not be allowed to attend the games themselves.

Kyle Shadwell, a third-year economics major and fan favorite in the flip cup scene, showed his support of the decision to cancel the tournament. “It sucks dick, but like, safety first,” he announced from his Instagram handle created just for flip cup matches that has a total of 14 followers. “I spent all summer practicing with my boys Fred and Austin, but we’ll just keep the vibes going in our backyards or something.”

Other UVA fans are disappointed by Kappa Sigma’s announcement. “There is nothing UVA can do to keep us from tailgating,” second-year student Chris Bates said. “They may be able to ban us from entering the stadium, but they can’t keep us out of the parking lot.”

Bates went on to state that he was disappointed that Kappa Sigma didn’t grow a pair and have the tournament anyway. “It’s less deadly than the flu,” Bates continued, “there is nothing to worry about. Hell, you’re more likely to catch an STD at a tailgate than Rona.” 

At the time of reporting, one of the students interviewed for this article, Chris Bates, had become hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 at a UVA “Welcome Back” party, according to sources.

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