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William and Mary to Begin Accepting “Arm and Leg” as Tuition Payment

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Following a recent increase in tuition cost, the College of William and Mary has announced that they will now accept “an arm and a leg” as means of payment for attending the school.

This new form of tuition has been introduced with the goal of giving less financially stable families a chance at a college education.

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“We’re very excited to be offering another avenue that people can seek for higher education,” James Neville, a spokesperson for the school, said in press release. “We know that there are many costs involved with going to a university, and we want everyone to have a fair opportunity at getting a college degree.”

According to sources, an exchange of human limbs was only one of the new methods considered for tuition. Other ideas the College had considered for payment include stocks and bonds, bodily organs, and a family’s first born son, although the latter was only designated for Master’s programs.

President Taylor Reveley could not be reached for comment, but a source close to him revealed that he’s excited about the new program and is “looking forward to stockpiling future limbs to come.”

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  1. TONY C. HAWK // July 18, 2017 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    William and Mary stealing stock photos from St Mary’s College as well, I see….

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