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Following GWARbar Success, O.A.R. Bar Opens in Charlottesville to Much Fanfare, Bro

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. When GWARbar opened its doors in Richmond’s historic Jackson Ward, the city greeted it with open arms, thrilled to patronize a business celebrating a legendary musical act with local ties.

In Charlottesville, a new bar has opened that seeks to capture the same lightning in a bottle, honoring a band beloved by local residents and UVA students alike: O.A.R.

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In a recent interview, venture capitalist and notable bro Jackson Sneider recounted the revelation that lead to his latest investment: “During a trip to Richmond for a wakeboarding convention we stumbled upon GWARbar. And we were like Gwar … Bar … Ar … Bar … O.A.R. BAR!”

Located in downtown Charlottesville, O.A.R. Bar pays tribute to the eponymous prolific reggae jam band in every aspect of the business. Drink specials such as the Chill Bro (an iced tequila shooter) or the Hang Loose My Goose (a Grey Goose and orange juice concoction) attempt to capture the culture of a band known for generating music for just kicking it.

When asked to define his vision, Sneider said, “I definitely, first and foremost, wanted it to just be, like, a great place to, like, just, like, be relaxed in.”

The walls are adorned with signed photographs of O.A.R. members, and a guitar signed by lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Roberge hangs from the rafters. Music from the group’s extensive catalog plays continuously, including an exclusive 45-minute rendition of “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker.”

There is one thing missing from the establishment, however.

“So far none of the dudes have been able to swing through the spot themselves,” Sneider admitted. “But we are, like, totally sure they will one day soon, and it’s gonna be just too rad.”

When reached for comment, famous Charlottesville local Dave Matthews said, “I feel like this is a slight.”

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