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Monument Avenue Mansion Plummets $2.87 in Value Following Lee Monument Decision

RICHMOND, Va.  Following a Richmond judge’s decision to side with Gov. Northam in the legal battle to remove the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue, a homeowner on the famous street has reported that their property value dropped to $2.87 overnight. 

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“This was our biggest fear when the protests started,” Harry McNeal, homeowner at 33510 Monument Avenue where his property value has dropped the equivalent of a 16 oz. Diet Coke, stated in an interview, stressing this may lead him and his family into troubling financial times.

“When we purchased our home from my father, we were excited to have such beautiful Confederate treasures lined up and down the street that would keep our home investment growing. We never thought we’d have to suffer the day when our seven bedroom mansion dropped so dramatically in value.”

McNeal went on to mention that both him and his neighbors were worried that decreases in their property values could hit double digits following the removal of the Lee Monument.

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