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Op-Ed: Isn’t Kim Gray a Little Old for Morrissey To Get Behind?

Earlier this week, Rep. Joe Morrissey, D-16th, a politician, businessman, former lawyer, and guy who brandished an AK-47 on the floor of the House of Delegates, announced his official endorsement of Councilwoman Kim Gray in Richmond’s mayoral election. 

While I can’t imagine anyone reaching out to Joe for his support given his less than glowing reputation, now that it’s public it’s hard to pretend it isn’t a thing. And I’ve tried. So then, what gives?

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First, I can understand why he didn’t support Levar Stoney for a second term — that poor guy probably wants to forget the year 2020 more than any of us.

But does it strike anyone else as odd that out of all of the candidates, Joe is endorsing Kim for mayor? Does he think he can help her penetrate her way into the Executive Mansion? Call me crazy, but for some reason I thought he’d thrust his support towards someone more fresh-faced and up-and-coming. Like maybe former Virginia Young Democrats President Alexsis Rodgers (emphasis on “young”).

Frankly, this is just out of character, Joe!

In an effort to connect the dots, I tried to come up with 18 reasons as to why Fightin’ Joe could be endorsing Gray. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I could only come up with 17. Here are a few of them: 

  • Alexsis Rodgers isn’t returning his DMs.
  • Joe needs more drinking buddies, especially since being above the legal drinking age isn’t common among his friends.
  • Kim’s background includes an eight-year tenure serving on the Richmond School Board. Given Joe’s interest in the school system (particularly high schools), this could be a key element to the endorsement.
  • Kim could have dirt on Joe, assuming Joe is still capable of being ashamed of anything.
  • Kim beat Joe in some kind of underground fight club.
  • Joe got confused and thought “Fifty Shades of Grey” was about Kim.

I’m also calling bullshit on them just now coming out with this “partnership” or whatever you want to call it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Joe and Kim had started this professional and political relationship within the last two years, but they’ve been keeping it a secret for some reason. Maybe because it would spark controversy if released prematurely? 

Another theory I have is partly thanks to COVID-19. With all of the bars and nightlife having been mostly closed since March, it’s hard to meet younger people out in public these days. It also doesn’t help that K-12 schools have been taken to virtual learning since the pandemic started, keeping all the kids at home. That clearly left Kim Gray — a certified adult — as Joe’s only option.

Regardless, this definitely fits in with the bizarreness of 2020. And if Kim actually wins this thing, who knows what will happen next? Maybe she’ll even offer Joe an internship.

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