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Museum District Resident Regretting Sexy Arthur Ashe Costume

RICHMOND, VA. After reviewing photos that were texted to him on Monday afternoon, Mike Taylor, 22, immediately regretted attending his girlfriend’s Halloween party as “Sexy Arthur Ashe.”

The costume—which Taylor insisted was an “homage” to the beloved three-time Grand Slam winner and civil rights leader—consisted of a white polo shirt cropped just below the nipples, and white athletic shorts so revealing that one witness described as “barely holding them in.”

“I mean, they weren’t that much shorter than the ones he wore in real life,” said Taylor in defense of his choice to lampoon someone who died of AIDS before his 50th birthday. “But in hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best way to honor one of the greatest athletes of his generation.”

Taylor’s girlfriend (as of press time) and party host, Denise Crawford, was swift to condemn her significant other’s actions and issued a statement via Facebook. 

“I want it known that I in no way support Michael’s decision to defile the image of one of Richmond’s favorite sons. Arthur Ashe was a paragon of talent, civil justice, compassion and strength, and did not deserve to be portrayed as a libidininous fuckboi-for-hire soaked in ice luge runoff. If invited to next year’s party, I hope Mr. Taylor puts more thought into his costume.”

When informed of Crawford’s remarks, Taylor responded, “She said that? Fuck. FUCK. I need to call her. God dammit.”

There is still word as to whether Taylor intends to wear the costume while handing out candy on Halloween night.

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