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VCU Student’s Civic Responsibility Stops at Free Sticker

RICHMOND, Va. — While young voters across the Commonwealth mobilize for today’s election, one VCU student has decided that her responsibilities as an American citizen and Virginia resident stop right around the point of getting a free “I voted” sticker.

“I tried voting once in 2016, but that didn’t work out so well,” junior Karen McCormick stated. “But I still have the ‘I voted’ sticker on my laptop. So I figured, why bother getting another one, right?”

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McCormick’s more politically active friends seemed unsurprised when questioned about their classmate’s apathy during what could be one of the most impactful elections of their lives.

“We love Karen, but her dad’s some investment banker from Virginia Beach and her mom coaches beauty pageants,” longtime friend Rochelle Roberts said while rolling her eyes. “Not exactly shocked that she’s not the most woke person when it comes to politics.”

Reporters caught up with McCormick outside of the Cabell Library Starbucks to ask her why she didn’t at least make a minimal effort to inform herself about candidates running in local and statewide elections, or perhaps canvas for someone who shares her values, let alone cast a ballot.

“A few of my friends were knocking on doors this weekend for, umm, some local progressive candidates and registering voters in neighborhoods with, I guess, statistically low turnout,” McCormick said while reading the back of a campaign flyer. “I’m, like, really proud of them, but I made brunch reservations last week with my friend Sarah and just couldn’t cancel on her again.”

Even though she isn’t going for that free sticker this year, she believes that she has done her part in being progressive towards politics. “I share a meme every now and then from The Other 98%, and I checked into Standing Rock when that was a thing. Make no mistake, I’m helping the cause.”

At press time, McCormick was planning to go shopping at Short Pump on later today instead of taking literally ten minutes to go vote. McCormick added, “I’m pretty sure my little sister’s voting anyway, so I’m covered. Plus, she doesn’t really like the little ‘I voted’ sticker, so she’ll probably give it to me.”

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