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Ghost of Herman Cain To Speak at Million MAGA March

WASHINGTON — The organizers behind the Million MAGA March announced today that the ghost of recently deceased political activist Herman Cain will be among those speaking at Saturday’s rally in support of President Trump’s claims of fraudulent voting in the 2020 Election.

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“We’re excited to bring a longtime supporter of the real winner of the 2020 election to this historic event,” Melanie Parsons, a senior organizer for the event, said in a press release, adding that while Cain hasn’t been in the spotlight much since June of this year due to his death from COVID-19, his ghastly apparition was quick to confirm his attendance to the rally. 

“Cain’s standing as a figurehead in both the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party makes him the perfect leader to the American electorate. Although he couldn’t vote this year, Cain is the perfect spirit to speak out on the criminal and fraudulent activity the Democrats are running to subvert our nation’s democratic process.”

While the event’s schedule of speakers is still being confirmed, Cain is expected to speak to the crowd after other prestigious guests, including a popular anti-mask advocacy group and the somehow still living Roger Stone. 

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