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Virginia To Begin Offering Early Voting for 2024 Election This Week

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Hailing record voter turnout as a result of widespread early voting options, Virginia will begin offering early voting for the upcoming 2024 election as early as this week, the Virginia Department of Elections announced Friday.

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“Effective Monday, we’re excited to offer eligible voters across the commonwealth the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote four years before the next presidential election,” Dianne Wilderstein, a spokesperson for the Department of Elections, said in a statement, adding that officials were hopeful this could lead to even higher turnout among young voters as soon as they figure out how to register teens through TikTok.

“With early voting being offered a few years ahead of the election, anyone remotely considering running for office at the local, state, or national level will be forced to listen to constituents all day every day for the next 1,451 days. As such, we’ve coordinated with multiple polling stations in every precinct to remain open and available for anyone wanting to knock out their civic duty well ahead of schedule.”

Wilderstein added that if the voter turnout surpasses projected amounts over the next year, the Department of Elections will consider offering early voting for both the 2028 and 2032 elections, assuming the country hasn’t torn itself apart by then.

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