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Mongrel Introduces South Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Scented Candle

RICHMOND, Va. — Mongrel, a store known for having “Cool Stuff for All Breeds of Humans,” has been a Carytown staple since 1991. On any given visit patrons are sure to find an eclectic assortment of items, such as garden gnome salt and pepper shakers, pizza-shaped ice cube trays, and, of course, the hilariously vulgar “Happy Fucking Birthday” wrapping paper.

But perhaps Mongrel is best known for its sizable collection of Richmond-centered items. “RVA” coffee mugs and James River park system posters make great gifts for proud Richmonders.

However, according to the general manager Eric Ross, Mongrel is introducing a new product that is representative of the quintessential Richmond experience. A South Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant scented candle will be available for purchase this month.

Mongrel has previously sold candles that were named after different Richmond neighborhoods, such as the Museum District and Tobacco Row, but they had scents like cardamom-birch and eucalyptus-spearmint. Ross explained that they really wanted a candle, not only named after a part of the city, but one that actually smells like the area it is named after.

“What other smell is so distinctly Richmond? Every time I’m coming into the city from 95 south, I know that I’m home when I pass the Wastewater Treatment Plant. With the cityscape before me and the scent of all of Richmond’s shit filling my car, I can’t help but feel pride in my beautiful town,” Ross said.

If the candle generates enough sales, Mongrel will consider commissioning an entire line of Richmond-scented candles. Boulevard Greyhound Station Bathroom and Richmond International Airport Cheeburger Cheeburger Trashcan are among the first candles that may be created.


2 Comments on Mongrel Introduces South Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Scented Candle

  1. Please follow up with a Dupont, Hopewell and West Point candle!


  2. Gary L. Green // December 6, 2020 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    Richmond, the plywood capital of the South! Could you use another FREElance writer who on December 31st and 51+ years will retire as a professional? If technological terms…Trackbacks / Pingbacks are important, shitcan this app(lications).


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