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Chesterfield Woman Buys “Shop Local” Tote Bag on Amazon

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Drawn in by the gift’s heartwarming message during a troubling year, Chesterfield resident Brittneigh Kelley purchased a tote bag with the message “Shop Local” printed onto its side from Amazon, sources confirmed Sunday. 

The bag, which bears a message supporting local businesses, was purchased from Amazon, a multinational company with a quarter trillion dollars in assets, as a Christmas gift for a cousin who lives in Henrico County.

“I think this message is so important right now,” Kelley commented about the tote bag she purchased from the world’s largest online retailer that recorded nearly $100 billion in profit during a global pandemic. “This is a really cute gift, but it’s also so important that everyone knows to support local businesses who have had it bad this year. We really need to raise awareness about our favorite mom and pop shops this holiday season.”

“I think it’s paramount that we consider the ethics of where we spend our money,” she continued after taking a sip from her third Starbucks latte of the day. “Like, I refuse to eat a Chick-fil-A or go to Walmart.”

After completing her purchase, Kelley reportedly logged on to Spotify to see if there were any new bands from Virginia that she could listen to and support.

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