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Colonial Williamsburg Adds Second Candle To Grand Illumination Show

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Calling it a monumental boost to their annual Christmas extravaganza, the city of Williamsburg has announced the addition of a second candle to this year’s Grand Illumination event, sources confirmed Wednesday. 

“We’re excited to make this the most jubilant holiday celebration east of I-64,” Jennifer Harpas, a spokesperson for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation said in a statement, adding that they’re hopeful this can lead to an increase in shopping at the popular Williamsburg Premium Outlets. 

“This year we’re doubling-down on the magic by adding a second candle to the entire show. Families will be able to enjoy their hot cider and the historical buildings on Duke of Gloucester Street with not one, but two household candles shining throughout the area. We’ve also spaced the two candles out by a couple of blocks so we can adhere to social distancing recommendations, too.” 

Harpas noted that if the event was a success, they would likely expand to three or possibly four candles for the big event in 2021.

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