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Officials Recommend Telling Family You Love Them Before Attempting 64/95 Merge at Bryan Park Interchange

RICHMOND, Va. — Stressing the severity of what is undoubtedly the most menacing portion of intrastate highway in the commonwealth, VDOT officials held a press conference today urging motorists to tell their family and friends that they love them before attempting to merge into traffic at the Bryan Park Interchange. 

“Merging onto 95 from 64 or vice versa is practically a suicide mission,” Duncan Porter, a spokesperson for VDOT explained. “So we’re advising all residents to contact their loved ones beforehand in case the unthinkable happens and it’s too late.”

Highlighting the portion of highway where two lanes become one with very little warning as being particularly dangerous, Porter stated, “That interchange is more terrifying than driving through Afton in heavy fog. We strongly recommend you contact you friends, family—even in-laws, if you get along—to tell them that you love them and will always care about them if you have to utilize this interchange while driving through the city, just in case anything bad happens.” 

Porter went on to suggest that motorists traveling northbound on I-95 and attempting to merge towards the Arthur Ashe Boulevard exit should finalize their wills prior to traveling. 

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6 Comments on Officials Recommend Telling Family You Love Them Before Attempting 64/95 Merge at Bryan Park Interchange

  1. The article about the interchange and how dangerous it is to motorist is not funny! You keep stressing that people should tell their family they love them etc. that is not funny there’s really no description about where this is and what’s going on and how to navigate it! Not funny! Not funny and not helpful at all


  2. How about we do something to help the flow of traffic instead of hoping more people don’t die?


  3. VA_Baby_Driver // January 13, 2020 at 10:28 am // Reply

    Wow, take a chill pill lady.

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  4. But it IS funny because it’s SATIRE. They are poking fun at the problem in hopes of eliciting change.

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  5. It can be a smooth ride if everybody slows down and stop being aggressive.


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