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Three White Guys in Arlington Obligated to Create Podcast

ARLINGTON, Va. In an effort to uphold proper societal conventions, three white men seated a Clarendon bar formed an innovative new podcast yesterday while according to witnesses of the event. 

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The men, Kyle Michaels, Michael Johnson, and Chad Henderson, hardly knew each other previously but recognized that their proximity to one another obligated them to create a new and revolutionary brand of podcast wherein a group of upper-middle class white men with graduate degrees and consulting jobs comment on the many major issues of the day as well as pop culture and sports. 

The podcast, titled Pod Bless America, will run every Thursday after the men’s kickball practice. Michaels said, “I think the world needs to hear what we have to say. Our perspective really isn’t represented well in today’s media and I think it’s time to change that.”

Johnson concurred, stating, “I agree, I think the planet needs to hear what we’re saying. There aren’t a lot of podcasts that present our points of view and I’d like to see that change.”

Henderson chimed in, noting, “I think that’s spot on. I think people need to listen to what we’ve been saying. The way we see the world really isn’t very common in today’s media and I think we’re overdue for a change.”

The first podcast will focus on politics and a quick preview indicates that the men will touch upon a variety of issues in the news today. Michaels explained, “I think what’s going on in politics today is very problematic.” Johnson noted, “Yes, I think it’s definitely full of problems.” Henderson added, “I have a problem with how things are going today.”

When asked if the hosts were open to considering different worldviews and perspectives, they indicated an enthusiastic willingness to be inclusive. Michaels responded, “I think inclusivity and diversity are values we need to see more of today and I hope we can be a part of that.” Johnson agreed, saying, “Inclusivity and diversity are great values that we need more of.” Henderson concluded, “If there are two things I think society needs to focus more on it’s diversity and inclusivity.”

Pod Bless America will continue to run until the trio gets bored or runs out of other upper-middle class white men from the D.C. metropolitan area to interview.

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