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Virginia State Police Storm Pro-Gun Caravan Following Reports of Armed Black Attendee

LOUISA, Va. — Claiming that they had avoided a potentially dangerous situation, Virginia State Police (VSP) touted their arrest of an armed black man who was part of a pro-gun rights caravan, sources confirmed Monday.

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According to reports, the incident occurred at an Exxon gas station in Louisa County, where multiple vehicles from the Second Amendment caravan had stopped to refuel. 

“At approximately 1:30 p.m., we received mulitple reports of a middle-aged African American male at a gas station with other rally goers, with what appeared to be a concealed firearm at his side,” Lt. Charles Preswick said in a statement, adding that the suspect was wearing a facemask, possibly to conceal his identity during any criminal activity he may have been involved in.

“Given the current political climate, we take every situation involving an armed black man very seriously. With the information we received, we deemed this as a credible threat to the community, and made the decision to pursue the individual.” 

“We carefully approached the suspect’s vehicle,” Preswick continued, “passing many polite Caucasian Second Amendment supporters armed with various pistols and rifles, and began questioning the suspect. When he asked, ‘Excuse me sir, what is this all about?’ the five officers took that as a direct threat and quickly tackled the suspect to the ground.”

“One officer sustained a minor wrist injury during the ensuing scuffle, but he is thankfully expected to make a full recovery,” Preswick added. Louisa County District Attorney Chip Whitehead said he intends to charge the black man with second degree attempted murder for injuring the officer’s wrist.

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