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Nick Freitas Shows Up Day Late to Lobby Day Pro-Gun Rally

RICHMOND, Va. — Wandering around the streets of Richmond with both a bewildered look and a Ruger Mini-14 dangling from his chest, Delegate Nick Freitas, R-30th, arrived a day late to the annual Lobby Day gun rally, officials confirmed Tuesday.

“This is so bizarre, where is everyone?” Nick Freitas asked before pulling out his phone to check if the annual rally had been cancelled or postponed.

“Well, there’s nothing in my inbox that says the date changed,” Freitas said, confused. ”I know people had quite a drive, so maybe everyone is just running a few minutes behind? Maybe I’m in the wrong spot — although I’m pretty sure Tom over at the VCDL said that the caravan would meet somewhere around 9th Street downtown.”

At the time of reporting, Freitas was seen shrugging his shoulders and walking off, with sources close to the politician saying he planned to head home to prepare to protest President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Friday.

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