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Trump Supporter With COVID-19 Ditches Ventilator To Boo at Biden Inauguration

WASHINGTON — Claiming it was his civic duty to stand against the tyranny of Joe Biden’s presidency, Mechanicsville resident Mike Smithwick, who has been fighting off a severe case of COVID-19 for two weeks, opted to ditch his ventilator so he could boo Biden during his inauguration, sources confirmed Wednesday.

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According to his family, Smithwick’s battle against COVID-19 began two weeks ago, when he attended then-President Donald Trump’s rally that turned into an attempted insurrection.

“We literally got the call on our way up here on January 6 that we was both positive,” Betty Smithwick, Mike’s wife, explained, while eating inside of a Northern Virginia Fuddruckers Wednesday afternoon. “But we wasn’t gonna let that stop us from exercising our right to break into our Capitol. And we definitely wasn’t gonna let the China virus stop us today from booing and yelling at this fraud President Barack Hussein O’Biden Jr.” 

Though her symptoms were mild, her husband was hospitalized with severe COVID-19 symptoms last week, and by Sunday morning, was placed on a ventilator at Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center. Despite the severity of his illness and ignoring pleas from their grown children, the couple made the trip again to the nation’s capital to voice their opposition to Joe Biden as he was sworn in as president, with the help of an ambulance and travel ventilator. 

“Bless his heart,” Mrs. Smithwick said. “Despite a life-threatening low blood oxygen level and that dang fence that put us so far away, that man yelled his all-American patriot ass off. There was a conviction in his holler that I don’t think this town had experienced since Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream speech.”

Smithwick explained that her husband was kept on the ventilator until they got to the fence line. She then carefully extubated him and slapped him several times to wake him up from his medically induced coma. It did not go unnoticed by nearby National Guard troops.

“Our soldiers acted quickly and appropriately,” said a National Guard spokesperson, “and immediately got medical personnel to the subject. He was then transported to the hospital post haste.” 

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