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Jason Mraz Thanks Virginia’s Frontline Personnel by Promising Not to Sing Anything

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — In a move that’s been called “inspiring,” “brave,” and “exactly what we need right now,” singer Jason Mraz has agreed not to perform any of his music for front line workers in the commonwealth, the artist announced via Instagram on Saturday.

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Mraz, a Mechanicsville native, said he came to his decision after hours of meditation that made it clear to him that no one has found his “always chillaxin in a hammock” demeanor palatable for the past decade.

“We all have to make sacrifices during these uncertain times,” Mraz explained. “I realized that I can best serve my country by simply shutting up and donating money to resources that provide equipment for first responders and medical staff.”

Martin Byrne, a representative with the Virginia Department of Health, applauded Mraz’s decision to avoid performing, citing it as a critical aspect of maintaining mental health during the pandemic.

“We’re facing a serious crisis and the best way to take solace during this nightmare is to abstain from hearing some Hanover bro in a trilby warbling along with an acoustic guitar,” Byrne commented. “We commend Mraz for taking a stance against the pandemic and doing what’s best for the public.”

Frontline workers throughout the state have been equally appreciative of Mraz’s decision. Many responded to the singer’s video with comments thanking him for his forthcoming silence.

“Thank you, Jason Mraz, for doing your part,” Melody Weymouth, a nurse at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, said. “If I have to hear ‘Lucky’ right now I’m going to lick the inside of a ventilator before jumping into a trash compactor.”

A group of doctors and nurses at Virginia Beach General thanked the singer by holding up signs which read, “Jason Mraz, we stay here for you, please shut the fuck up for us.”

“He’s a hero for doing this,” Carrie Hughes, a Fredericksburg paramedic, said. “His music sounds like a pair of sandals busking for quarters, and him not sharing any of it for a period of time will surely help us get through this together.”

Mraz has called on other artists to pledge not to perform. He has specifically challenged John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, and The Avett Brothers to resist the urge to post empty, self-promoting videos on social media and instead just quietly write a large check to a charity.

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