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The River City Real Estate Review

By David C. Wingfield

Welcome to the River City Real Estate review! Here’s where we fill you in on the latest happenings in the world of RVA real estate.

News & Happenings

  • John Casey of Leeman, Simon, Ericson, Weinberg, Barnes, Allen, Allen, Allen & McCormick was recently promoted to Chief Feelings Officer of their Chesterfield office.
  • Henrico Realty Group purchased a bean bag chair for their office and are currently considering a ping pong table.
  • Eric Greene of Fong & Loster is offering a reward for the return of his lucky pen. He last remembers using it in Rocketts Landing. It’s silver. If found, please call (718)498-1043.

Sales Tip

When reading, people have a tendency to look at the words, and as Jamie Farr once said, “Words have power.” The right words can make all the difference when selling a home. Certain words such as “oceanfront,” “marble,” and “ultra-modern” tend to attract more attention, and words like“cul-de-sac” or “upscale” can bring in the perfect buyer. Whether a home is “modern” or “classic,” if it’s within “walking distance” of a local place of interest or “designed for entertaining,” these words and phrases help every time. Do you always have to know what these words mean? Not necessarily. I’m not certain that anyone can truly define “neoclassical.” The important thing is to use these words whenever possible, and use them as if you know what you’re talking about. Here’s an example:

Priced to sell in Windsor Farms! Oceanfront cul-de-sac living at its finest! This modern classic minimalistic beauty comes complete with a spacious gourmet kitchen that offers marble countertops and neoclassical microwave fireplace. With 5 bedrooms, 4 1/6 baths, and a “Plumber’s Quarters,” the Master Bedroom features an elegant marble double vanity (perfect for the doubly vain) and a spacious marble bath. Bedrooms come equipped with marble closets that are designed for entertaining. The living room offers marble carpeting throughout, with ultra-modern walls that extend from floor to ceiling. This upscale fixer-upper is the perfect location, offering the solitude you’d expect from an oceanfront cul-de-sac, while within walking distance to anywhere you can walk to. With marble.

By David C. Wingfield

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