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Poll: Crust Punks Support D.C. to Richmond High Speed Rail Extension

RICHMOND, Va. — A recent poll showed that Richmond gutter punks are in favor of the installation of a high speed rail line between Richmond and Washington, D.C.

In a rare deviation from their pessimistic outlook, the crust punk community has been encouraged by a draft environmental impact statement released this week by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation regarding the expansion of the Southeast High Speed Rail corridor to include a segment that connects Richmond and Washington, D.C.

While many dislike the commute between these two cities, these transient youths feel they are particularly burdened by poor transportation options.

“Rambo and I almost missed our favorite anarchist/vegan/anti-globalisation house show last month because of the unreliable train schedules,” prominent train kid Zee complained. He also cited inconvenient CSX wait times, limited amenities for pets, and poor meal options as issues with current diesel trains.

“A high speed rail would definitely be a step up for us. As long as we can bring 40s and our dog Priestess.”

As of press time Zee, Rambo, and Priestess were seen dumpster diving for gently used Carhartt overalls in anticipation of their maiden voyage.

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