News Peed

The River City Real Estate Review

By David C. Wingfield

Welcome to the River City Real Estate review! Here’s where we fill you in on the latest happenings in the world of RVA real estate.

News & Happenings

  • Chris Porter of Wagner Realty would like to acknowledge an error in his advertisement appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. His new listing of a 5BR/3BA colonial is located in Hanover County, not Hangover County, as indicated in Sunday’s ad. He isn’t completely sure how this happened but is almost certain that his 17-year-old stepson Tyler has something to do with it. “That kid hates me,” said Porter.
  • Ricky Medford of TownHome Realty has recently completed the sale of the old abandoned building located at Hull Street and Tavish Avenue. He posted on Facebook regarding the sale, “I want to thank everyone who told me that it was impossible, it could never be done, and that I’d never sell it. That includes my brother Frank. You suck, I hate you, and you’re not invited to Renee’s birthday party at Maggiano’s next month.”

Sales Tip

Realtors are known for being experts in the field of real estate. However, there will be times when you come across a question for which you do not have the answer. You will have to think on your feet and come up with a creative answer to your question. Don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be the “right” answer. As long as you sound like you know what you’re talking about, you’ll be okay. Here are a few questions you may encounter, and some of those “creative” answers we talked about. 

Q: How far is Chesterfield from Hanover?

A: Twenty minutes (NOTE: It is a scientific fact that everything in Richmond is twenty minutes apart).

Q: How many Realtors does it take to change a light bulb?

A: FALSE. Light bulbs do not convey. 

Q: What’s the correct pronunciation of “Powhite”?

A: “CHIP-pen-ham”

Q: Who is Windsor Farms named after?

A: Windsor Farms is named for noted Richmonder Douglas Q. Farms. 

Q: What are the names of the high schools in Mechanicsville?

A: What’d you have in mind?

Q: How do I get to City Hall?

A: Practice. 

Q: What are the Seven Hills of Richmond?

A: Church, Oregon, Forest, Fulton, Bunker, Benny, and Powhite.

Q: What do those statues represent?

A: What statues?

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