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Amanda Chase Protests Melting Pot Restaurant For Promoting Immigration

RICHMOND, Va. — Describing the perceived celebration of immigration and multiculturalism as an affront to the true American way of life, Sen. Amanda Chase, R-11, has called for a boycott of the Melting Pot fondue restaurant, sources confirmed Wednesday.

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Chase announced the boycott of the West End franchise location on her personal Facebook page yesterday, explaining that all real patriots should refuse to eat at the Melting Pot and should instruct their friends and family to do likewise until the restaurant decides to offer a menu that celebrates proper American culture.

Sources close to the senator revealed that Chase first learned of the Melting Pot after her husband Michael suggested the intimate fondue restaurant as a date for Valentine’s Day. Michael had hoped to trade $145 worth of cheese, chocolate, and lobster for a tentative hand job from his wife at the end of the evening. 

Michael’s hopes of a hand hurricane were dashed as Chase flew into a rage when she read about the restaurant’s new “Around the World in 18 Courses” tasting menu. Chase immediately turned to Facebook to blast the restaurant for not including any American dishes.

“This restaurant’s menu is an insult to decency, Lady Liberty, and the taste buds of real Americans,” Chase wrote in her Facebook post. “Why does the Melting Pot insist on poisoning our culture with barely pronounceable foreign ingredients? Look at this menu. There’s Mojo cooking broth, the Pacific Rim Platter, Quattro Formaggio; am I eating at Ellis Island? Jesus Christ, there’s a dessert called Yin & Yang. It’s probably just Coronavirus dusted with Splenda. And what the fuck is Bourguignonne? Sounds African to me.”

Chase posted a multi-paragraph tirade that lambasted the restaurant for what she described as an attempt to destroy white American culture and a perpetuated need for liberals to have a safe space to celebrate foreigners.

“ALL CHEESES MATTER,” Chase proclaimed at the end of her post.

Her ranting did not escape the notice of the Melting Pot’s management. Chip Andrews, the restaurant’s general manager was befuddled by the criticism. “As if getting wine drunk while dipping overpriced carbs in scalding cheese doesn’t scream white America,” Andrews said.

Andrews added that Chase’s boycott seemed to have little impact as the restaurant was already booked solid for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Chase announced she would also be boycotting Secret Sandwich Society for their part in a Deep State plot to promote liberal communism due to the fact many of the restaurant’s sandwiches are named after former Democratic presidents and world leaders.

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  1. Is this the Peedmont or the AP wire?


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