News Peed

The River City Real Estate Review

By David C. Wingfield

News & Happenings

Bob Sebastian of Sebastian Realty in Hopewell is holding his 3rd Annual Charity Chili Cook-Off next Saturday. “I didn’t really plan on making this a yearly thing,” Sebastian commented in a statement. “But I love chili, and when I said it was for charity, people just brought me the stuff. Kinda cool I guess.”

Kate Tucker of Shockoe Valley Realty has decided to take the interstate to her office. “For years, I went straight down Broad Street, and I was okay with that,” said Tucker. “But now I enjoy the change of scenery. It’s a real game-changer.”

Due to increased pressure from the community, Lee Davis Realty has changed its name to Mechanicsville Realty. When asked about the decision, owner Lee Davis said, “I didn’t want to do it, but I guess it had to be done. But now I’m wondering if I need to change my name too.”

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Fan

Located in the heart of Richmond, the Fan was created six months before you went to VCU. Named after the Wesley Snipes-Robert De Niro film with the same title, it was at one point called “El Gran Sucio,” which is Spanish for “The Big Dirty.” Richmonders, however, prefer to name their neighborhoods in monosyllabic English. Known for its permanent hipster-elite status, not a whole lot seems to have changed about the Fan. Yes, that alley that you threw up in after leaving Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe is still there. A favorite amongst many generations, chances are you know someone who sold their parents’ Fan home for next-to-nothing, only to find that same house is worth a small fortune today. If it were an article of clothing, the Fan would be a cardigan sweater. Simple, timeless, hip, and you can spill beer on it and no one would notice.

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