News Peed

River City Real Estate Review

By David C. Wingfield

News & Tidbits

Susan Perone has officially joined Nickel Bridge Realtors as an associate broker. Formerly of Pueblo, Colorado, Perone moved to Richmond a few weeks ago and is excited to dive right into the city’s rich culture. “I can’t wait to try all of these great restaurants I’ve been hearing about,” Perone said. “And then I’d love to dismantle the white male power structure by chopping off its proverbial head and ripping out its spinal column. Oh, and I definitely want to visit the Jefferson Hotel!”

The Doug & Judy Merrick Team with Great-Oh-Four Realty has decided to rename themselves the Judy & Doug Merrick Team. When asked why, a representative of Great-Oh-Four said, “I’m not a hundred percent sure what went down, but I promise you that shit got real.”

Sales Tip: Richmond Revisions

With everything that’s happened in Richmond recently, it’s important to remember that while our history is what got us here, we need not throw it in anyone’s face. So we’ve come up with “alternative labels” to apply to some of Richmond’s more historically insensitive areas. 

Robert E. Lee Statue: Marcus-David Peters Circle

Lee-Davis High School: Mechanicsville High School

Monument Avenue: Stupid Statue Street

Stony Point Fashion Park: Short Pump Town Center, Jr. 

City of Richmond: Virginia Tech East

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