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Coffee Shop That Serves MLM Products Just Needs You To Bring Four or Five Friends To Stay Afloat

RICHMOND, Va. — In an effort to bring in more customers to build the downstream in their business pipeline, Ever Better, a nutritional club that uses Herbalife products in their recipes, is asking any forthcoming patrons to simply bring a few friends along, the café announced Sunday.

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“This is a great opportunity to not only enjoy a delicious limeade tea or mocha latte made from only the finest ingredients on a beautiful afternoon, but to also expand your revenue streams as an entrepreneur,” Kayleigh Thorton, a spokesperson for the establishment and self-proclaimed #bossbabe, said in a statement, asking that their neighborhood regulars network amongst their friends, family, and coworkers about the shop’s offerings.

“They don’t have to be your close friends or family members, either; even a few former work colleagues would be a fantastic opportunity. And if you can get them to bring a few people along, too, then even better. We’re trying to increase our downline of nutritional beverages throughout the entire city, and would love to make you part of our family.” 

Thornton ended her statement by asking that every member of the press in attendance to share this article with five people, and to then ask those five people to share it with five more people. 

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