News Peed

River City Real Estate Review

By David C. Wingfield

News & Tidbits

A new development in Powhatan called SummerWinter ForestMeadows has received the Best New Playground award from the American Association of Outside Activities. The playground, known as Excalibur, comes complete with swingset, covered slide, ropes course, obstacle farm, foreign language center, snack bar, massage therapy table, and tax consultant. 

Sam Larry of Larry Homes in Hopewell is sorry for the joke he told about his assistant Ling Wu at last December’s Virtual Holiday Mixer. “In retrospect, they looked totally real,” says Bowen. “You can’t tell the difference these days. This whole time I thought they were her actual fingernails.”

Ty Overstreet of Underroad Real Estate would like to remind Richmonders that the water fountain outside of his office in Innsbrook is for decoration only. Those caught fishing will be turned over to authorities. 

Sales Tip: Know the Neighbors 

Just how friendly are the neighbors? Well, it all depends on what part of Richmond you call home! While all Richmonders may seem friendly, there are certain tendencies based on where they are. The following is a general guideline of how neighbors would most likely be of assistance. 

West End: You can trust your West End neighbors to bring Amazon deliveries in out of the rain, as well as tell your kids to get out of the street when a car is coming. 

Fan: Fan neighbors will be happy to tell you which farmers’ markets are up and running, and which ones have the best fair-trade honey. They’ll even loan you a eco-friendly satchel for purchases. 

Short Pump: These neighbors would be the first ones to tell someone to stay off of your lawn. They’ll also be sure to tell you who to call for remodeling your home — whether you think you need it or not. 

Highland Springs: Your neighbors in Highland Springs would be ready to fight your ex whenever he comes by to try and get his PS4 back from you. 

Mechanicsville: Neighbors in Mechanicsville are most likely to cut your grass and feed any animals. Depending on your preference, they’ll also bring by any leftover meat they killed when they went hunting. 

Lakeside: Lakeside neighbors will jumpstart your car. End of story. 

Midlothian: These neighbors will watch your children if you need to run an errand or two. They’ll also help you refurbish that antique dresser…heck, for the right price they may be able to take it off your hands. 

Westhampton: Tax tips, voting recommendations, advice on Roth IRAs. Westhampton neighbors are there for you in a multitude of white-collar scenarios. If you ask about eating Italian, they’ll definitely recommend Mamma Zu.

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