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Virginia Department of Health Confirms Craft IPAs Part of 1C Vaccine Group

RICHMOND, Va. — Stressing the importance of reducing the possible spread of COVID-19 from one bitter IPA to another, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has confirmed that craft IPAs are part of the 1C vaccine group, sources confirmed Sunday.

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“In our continued steps to make it through this pandemic and return to normal life, it’s important that every India Pale Ale that’s produced in the commonwealth receive the vaccine,” John Stenor, an official with the VDH, explained in a statement noting that their popularity in the community deemed them as high risk to virus exposure.

“Due to their widespread popularity amongst the general population — both young and old — we’re considering craft IPAs as essential, and will thus be part of the 1C category. We encourage all residents to schedule vaccinations for their crisp, hoppy adult beverages as soon as possible.”

The statement went on to issue a warning that anyone who attempts to vaccinate a Costco-brand Kirkland IPA will face a hefty fine and public shaming. 

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