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GWAR’s Blothar Publicly Receives COVID-19 Vaccine To Promote Importance of Alien Demon Health

RICHMOND, Va. — Hoping to influence other alien demons across the universe who may be hesitant to get vaccinated, Blothar, the lead singer of GWAR, publicly received the COVID-19 vaccine, the band confirmed Friday.

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“Since our early days in Antarctica many millions of years ago, GWAR has always advocated for public health and safety,” Blothar said after receiving his first dose of the Moderna vaccine at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, noting that although he is immortal, he believes it’s best not to take chances during a pandemic.

“It’s the right thing to do—we don’t want to see this virus spread to other galaxies. If planet Cholesterol was to have an outbreak, the entire planet would be screwed with nowhere to go. We hope this will help instill confidence for other alien overlords between here and Scumdoggia to protect themselves and their communities.”

Sleazy P. Martini, GWAR’s longtime manager, stressed the band’s role as leaders in the community during a press conference. 

“That’s right, you pussies, since the government can’t flatten this fuckin’ curve, it looks like GWAR will have to take care of everything like they always do. Now go get the fuckin’ shots so you can all get on with your loser lives.”

The band later celebrated the occasion by spraying blood over a group of healthcare workers from a safe distance and decapitating an anti-masker in effigy.

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