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Virginia State Police Warns Show Of Police Accountability Could Set Dangerous Precedent Going Forward

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Following the guilty murder and manslaughter verdicts of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin over the killing of George Floyd, Virginia State Police (VSP) officials warned that an example of such police accountability could set a dangerous precedent in police behavior going forward, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“Yesterday’s verdict is less a form of justice but instead the start of what could be a slippery slope,” Christopher Norwood, a captain with VSP explained, adding the police’s ability to exercise excessive and potentially lethal force in situations involving minor crimes could be threatened in the future.

“What happened yesterday is just the beginning; if officers are expected to practice responsible police procedure going forward, then we’re looking at a complete disregard for the well-being of police officers that harass the public — particularly minorities. Our officers are expected to protect and to serve our communities, and if they have to worry about the judicial system holding them accountable for every move, then we’ve got problems ahead of us.”

Norwood went on to state that he expects the VSP academy to adapt its training methods for this new age of accountability. Potential changes in a new curriculum include strategies for casually throwing a body camera in the bushes and how to avoid appearing racist while harassing minorities over victimless crimes.

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