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CVS Pharmacist Advises Terry McAuliffe Not To Chase COVID-19 Vaccine With Falcon Smash IPA

RICHMOND, Va. — Stressing the importance of following health guidelines that don’t include downing a hoppy cold one to celebrate, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe was advised not to chase his COVID-19 vaccine with a Falcon Smash IPA, sources confirmed Monday.

“Sir, I know getting your vaccine is exciting, but we generally don’t recommend shotgunning a beer immediately afterward,” John Harmond, the pharmacist administering the shot, explained to the former governor, noting that he was the first patient to show up to a vaccine appointment with a customized six pack of craft beer.

“I can get you a bottle of water if you’d like, but it’s really not a good idea to chase the shot with a large amount of bitter alcohol afterward. Plus, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol in the store. So please, sir, take the beer to your vehicle and come back in for your 15-minute observation period.”

After completing his observation period, witnesses at the store confirmed that McAuliffe shoved his vaccination card into his back pocket then ran a victory lap through the store while attempting to high-five every customer.

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