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Yorktown Resident Willing To Set Foot In Water Country USA Wavepool Skeptical On Vaccinations

RICHMOND, Va. — Stressing that it never hurts to be cautious, Shelly Malynn, a Yorktown resident and mother of four that is willing to let her children indulge in the wave pool at Water Country USA, is hesitant on getting the COVID-19 vaccine, officials announced Sunday.

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“I’m most worried about the fact that since these vaccines were developed so quickly with government money, we don’t know what’s in there,” Malynn, who is actively planning multiple day trips to Water Country USA this summer with her children Evylyn, Kaylyn, Braxtyn, and Kaylyniegh, explained in an interview.

“I’m not comfortable with putting an unfamiliar substance like a hastily-developed drug into my body,” she continued, adding that a pandemic wouldn’t stop her from taking her kids to the popular theme park and letting them swim in a compressed tub of water that has undoubtedly been contaminated by spit, urine, microscopic fecal matter, and other human elements from the hundreds of other kids in the pool.

Malynn, who runs a self-described “essential oils entrepreneurship,” says it should be her choice when it comes to having her family vaccinated. 

“There’s just too many risks involved, and it’s my right to decide what’s best for my family,” Malynn, who will be allowing her children to swim in a chemical-filled wavepool with thousands of other people, continued. “What if they have a reaction, or if something happens down the road?”

At the time of Water Country USA’s reopening, Malynn was last seen helping organize a “Reopen Virginia 100%” rally with other suburban moms from the area.

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