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Belle Isle Moonshine Produces New Lavender Moonshine Bath Bomb for Mother’s Day

RICHMOND, Va. — Just in time for Mother’s Day, Belle Isle Moonshine will be offering a bath bomb version of their Lavender moonshine for a limited time, the distillery announced Saturday.

“Our Lavender Moonshine has been such a hit with middle-aged, somewhat depressed moms,” Jenny Bitsel, the company’s Marketing Director said in a statement, “so we wanted to give them another great way to enjoy our product by redefining the term ‘bathroom gin.’”

Titled “Mother’s Firewater,” the bath bomb is available starting today, making it a perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift, and Pitsel says the bath product will remain available online for about a week for any husbands or children that forget about the holiday.

However, the bath bomb, which retails for $30, does not turn water into white lightning. “We make a good spirit, but we aren’t Jesus,” Bitsel explained, “however, our bath bomb will create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying Belle Isle Moonshine while soaking in a refreshing, hot bath. Add in a few candles and we guarantee this bath bomb will give any mother a few minutes of solace that a mother so desperately needs.”

For an additional $50, Belle Isle also offers a bath bomb gift set, complete with two bath bombs, a bottle of Lavender Moonshine, and a voucher for a free session of marriage counseling.

“Husbands take note,” Bitsel said, “If your marriage has been somewhat stalled since the start of the pandemic, then this is the perfect gift for you and your wife to reconnect with.”    

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