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Terry McAuliffe’s Campaign Funds Depleted After One Sunday Afternoon at Hardywood Brewery

RICHMOND, Va. — Evidenced by a bar tab that rivaled Jim Cramer’s investment portfolio, Terry McAuliffe’s funds for his gubernatorial campaign have been exhausted following an event at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, sources confirmed Sunday.

“The real irony is that this event was supposed to be a fundraiser in itself,” Jake Starlot, a spokesperson for the former governor, said following the event, noting that he tried to stop McAuliffe from ordering a round of Hardywood Singel for everyone at the brewery to no avail.

“After Terry ordered a round of singel for everyone, he then proposed that the entire campaign committee try every craft bourbon barrel variant available on draft one after another. When we pushed back, citing our safety to get home, he gave Lou, another staffer, a hard slap on the back and said he’d call all of us Ubers to get home.”

“At one point McAuliffe tried to stand on top of our picnic table to give a speech to the patrons, but he stopped when he saw someone at a neighboring table with a Shiba Inu and got excited,” Starlot added.

Officials also confirmed that McAuliffe’s team was discussing a possible brewery crawl through Scott’s Addition to help raise more money for the now strapped-for-cash campaign.

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