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Hanover County Public Schools Vote To Abolish June 19th From Calendar

HANOVER, Va. — Citing the U.S. Senate’s decision to recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday as a travesty that affects the commonwealth’s rich history, Hanover County Public Schools has voted to officially abolish June 19th from the calendar year, sources confirmed Thursday.

“It’s vital for the future of our children that we continue to honor traditional educational standards,” Jerry Elmont, a senior director at HCPS said in a statement, adding that the school district would be removing any and all references to June 19th immediately. 

“Effective today, we will be removing June 19th from the calendar year, meaning we will simply transfer from June 18th to June 20th every summer. We will also be reviewing our current teaching materials to make sure they reflect our standards correctly; this means any lesson that includes a historical event that took place on June 19th of any year will be restructured to a different date.”

“Additionally, any student caught speaking of the date which shall not be spoken of will receive immediate reeducation, while habitual offenders may face penalties such as reading a book without pictures,” Elmont added.

Elmont went on to recommend that although students will be on summer vacation by the time the soon-to-be-former date of June 19th rolls around, all students should refrain from doing anything at all on the specific day.

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