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Netflix Confirms Squid Game Was Inspired by Demand at Hardywood Gingerbread Stout Release Parties

LOS GATOS, Ca. — Noting the common theme of desperation amongst people seeking a grand prize, Netflix executives say that the highly-acclaimed Korean series “Squid Game” was largely influenced by the demand seen at release parties for Hardywood’s popular Gingerbread Stout, sources confirmed Monday.

“When we saw how desperate and maniacal the average Joe gets for the chance to take home a bottle of a limited edition bourbon-barrel aged milk stout, we knew there was an opportunity,” Susan Yardbird, a spokesperson for the streaming provider, said in a statement, adding that the pilot episode itself was reminiscent of many stout variant releases from 2020.

“We originally envisioned the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ episode to be modeled after a crowd competing for a chance at the Christmas Pancakes variant of the beer, with the giant robot doll symbolizing your average bearded brewery owner that’s never around, but when he is he’s always wearing a t-shirt with a logo of some obscure hardcore band from the 1980s. And the Front Man’s henchmen drew inspiration from the many brewery employees not just at Hardywood but throughout the commonwealth.”

“There’s some serious commentary to be had about how people are willing to compete in deadly games for the ultimate jackpot of an imperial milk stout blended with local spices and honey,” Yardbird continued. “We have no doubt that the common Virginian who drove three hours from Roanoke to pick up a pack of Gingerbread Stout would be willing to kill if the possibility of going home empty handed became a reality.”

Yardbird went on to add that a possible sequel to “Squid Game” was not yet out of the question, and that any follow up to the popular show would likely be based on lotteries for the famous Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. 

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