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Amanda Chase Votes for Yesli Vega Six Times To Cancel Out Any Potential Voter Fraud

RICHMOND, Va. — Explaining that it’s a necessary measure to combat a cheating enemy, Sen.  Amanda Chase, R-11, has voted for Republican House candidate Yesli Vega six times to date, sources confirmed Saturday.

“We let the Dems get away with it once, but we’re not about to let them pervert the democratic process again,” Chase commented on Friday while leaving the sixth voting precinct she’d visited throughout the week to cast a vote for Vega. 

“Spanberger is already conspiring to steal this election, so it’s time for us patriots to stand up and fight for what’s right, so let’s get out there and vote over and over again. This is our state, and we have to be willing to vote however many times necessary to cancel out the many fraudulent ballots the liberals already have circulating.”

“And if you think six times is too extreme,” Chase continued, “just wait till you see how many votes I’m going to cast on Tuesday. Our goal is to hit triple digits by Election Day, which will be enough to defeat Span-corrupt-er and her cronies.”

When asked to provide evidence of any voter fraud from the Democrats, Chase simply cocked her AR-15 strapped over her shoulder while squinting her eyes and answered in a whispering voice “soon.”

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