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Youngkin Punishes Son for Attempted Voter Fraud by Appointing Him Cabinet Position

Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin gestures as he speaks to supporters during a rally in Chesterfield, Va., Monday, Nov. 1, 2021. Youngkin will face Democrat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the November election. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

GREAT FALLS, Va. — In an effort to teach his son that actions have consequences, governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has appointed his son Thomas a cabinet position within his administration following his attempt to vote twice in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, officials in the Youngkin camp confirmed Saturday.

“That boy is going to learn, one way or another, that we can’t violate the integrity of the democratic process,” Youngkin explained at a press conference, adding that the scheduled hours of this position would work around the remainder of his junior year of high school.

“Once I take office, Thomas will be forced to help me craft policy, prepare statements, and offer guidance on how to improve life in the commonwealth for everyone. This will help our son learn the value of a hard day’s labor while teaching him that crime doesn’t pay.”

At the time of reporting, Thomas Youngkin reportedly received a congratulatory phone call from Sen. Amanda Chase (R-11th) regarding his new position.

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