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Virginia Tech Prematurely Scores 20 Points Against UVA Ahead of Saturday Matchup Following Coach’s Departure

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - NOVEMBER 29: Hendon Hooker #2 of the Virginia Tech Hokies rushes past Heskin Smith #23 of the Virginia Cavaliers to score a touchdown in the second half during a game at Scott Stadium on November 29, 2019 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Following Virginia Tech (VT) head football coach Justin Fuente’s sudden departure last week, V.T.  has already scored 20 points against University of Virginia (U.V.A.) ahead of their Saturday matchup, officials confirmed Monday.

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“This is undoubtedly a terrible start for the wahoos,” John Livingston, an ESPN sportscaster during a pre-game analysis, adding that interim head coach JC Price has done a fantastic job thus far despite being six days away from kickoff. 

“In the time since Fuente’s departure, UVA has already conceded not one but two touchdowns, along with a pair of field goals, so they’ll really have to do some serious work on defense to make sure their point deficit doesn’t worsen. Fuentes undoubtedly wasn’t a proper successor to Beamer, and it’s quite remarkable to see the Hokies finally run well-coordinated plays and capitalize on their rival’s weak points following his departure.”

Interim coach Price echoed similar sentiments. “The team was playing tight heading into this one and the program has undoubtedly been going through a tough time of late, but then we remembered we were playing U.V.A. and everything just started clicking, even before we took the field.”

Already sporting a 20 point lead heading into the game, V.T. is expected to win yet another game in their long standing rivalry with U.V.A.. While V.T. fans are obviously thrilled to end the season on a high note, U.V.A. fans are largely still unaware of this development as they are already diligently planning how to scold their servants over an anticipated subpar showing at Thanksgiving dinner. 

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