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Friendsgiving Delayed as Group of Five 30-Year-olds Busy Every Weekend Until 2026

HENRICO, Va. — Citing their busy schedules as the key factor for not being able to settle on a weekend for the festive meetup, a local group of five 30-year-olds have delayed their Friendsgiving plans to at least 2026, sources confirmed Tuesday. 

“The original plan of getting together this Friday seemed solvent until Steve mentioned he likely wouldn’t be home from visiting family in Fairfax until late,” Kathryn Scheer, a close friend of one of the organizers and potential invitee, explained in an interview, adding that every additional weekend for the remainder of the year also saw conflicts.

“We also considered doing something mid-December, but with the Christmas holiday looming, everyone already has work parties lined up, and next summer is also out given that Sarah is planning a three week trip to Europe with [co-host] Chris — and that’s on top of the multiple weddings we’ve all committed to already. Given our schedules we ultimately figured it would just be easier to postpone Friendsgiving for a few years from now while our schedules are still open.”

At the time of reporting, sources revealed that Brandon had just sent a group message notifying that, according to changes in his work schedule, he would likely be working weekends for the foreseeable future and thus may need more time to settle on a date.”

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