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How To Deal With Your Hanover Cousin Who Thinks “Let’s Go Brandon!” Is the Epitome of Comedy

Given the current political climate of our nation, there’s a good chance you’re going to inevitably run into someone over the holidays who you don’t see eye-to-eye with regarding, well, everything. There’s an even better chance that someone at whatever Christmas meal you’ve found yourself involved with will waste no time making a reference to the “Let’s Go Brandon!” (LGB) joke — even worse, they’ll hail it as comedic genius that has the likes of Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor laughing from above. 

Below is a guide on how you can handle spending the holidays with a relative that won’t shut up about Brandon. 

Keep asking them who Brandon is. 

They’ll tell the story multiple times, but it’ll start to get to them if you don’t give them the satisfaction of remembering. The incident must not have been that significant if you consistently fail to remember it; and if you’re not showing LGB the same love as your cousin, they might eventually back off. But in case they don’t…

Specifically ask if Brandon is a soccer player.

Even if your cousin has explained the story multiple times, start asking, from out of nowhere, if Brandon is a soccer player. When your cousin impatiently says it’s a reference to Joe Biden, double down and ask what position he played. Striker, mid-fielder, goalkeeper, etc. 

Mention how lame Elon Musk’s rockets look.

We admit this may be a dangerous move, because if your cousin thinks LGB is the best thing to happen since sliced bread, we’d bet that they also think Elon Musk is a visionary. Mention how Musk’s rockets look like phallic symbols that are likely metaphors to represent how capitalism screws over those in poverty and throw in something about paying taxes just for good measure. 

Tell them why “Anchorman” isn’t the funniest movie of all time. 

There’s a good chance this is their favorite movie of all time, and if you need to divert the conversation away from Brandon, then this is a good starting point. They’ll set out to prove you wrong, leaving Brandon in the dust of Ron Burgundy’s hype.

Ask dumb questions about cryptocurrency.

Your cousin is likely all over crypto memes too, so just start asking questions that will undoubtedly annoy the hell out of them. When they bring up Doge and Shiba, steer the conversation by recounting one time you got to pet a Shiba Inu and don’t look back.

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