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Short Pump Mother Calls Critical Race Theory Tip Line Over Upcoming “A Journal For Jordan” Film Release

SHORT PUMP, Va. — In a move to prevent “wokeness” from infiltrating her children’s upbringing, a Short Pump mother used the tip line Gov. Youngkin to alert the administration of the upcoming film “A Journal for Jordan,” sources confirmed Wednesday.

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According to sources, the tip line, which was implemented by Youngkin as a means to alert the administration to divisive practices and critical race theory being taught in school, was used on Wednesday morning by a frantic West End resident regarding the upcoming film.

“This film is nothing more than an attempt from the Hollywood elites to indoctrinate our children with racist propaganda,” Susan Wyndham, a 49-year-old mother of two, explained in an interview, adding that other concerned parents should call the tip line to ensure the Denzel Washington film should not be used to expose such poisonous media in public schools.

“Regardless of whether or not this material is going to find its way into our youth’s social studies classes, I have the constitutional right to express my opinion that it should be left out of the school curriculum. Just look at the color — I mean, characters, in this film, that the media is exploiting to maintain its narrative. The liberals may have taken over our beloved Monument Avenue, but we have to send the message that they can’t take over our schools.”

At press time, Wyndham was reportedly making follow-up calls to the tip line to request confirmation that the film had been removed from any upcoming educational courses and had requested schools show the 1915 film “Birth Of A Nation” in its place.

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