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Museum District Landlord Sublets Half Bath

RICHMOND, Va. — Taking advantage of what he claims is a quite suitable living space in his own home, local landlord Mark Thompson, took a bold step yesterday after subletting the half bathroom of an already occupied Grace Street row home.

Thompson, who works for his father’s auto dealership in Midlothian, purchased the property a couple of years ago with the idea of turning it into an investment property.

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“Sure, the square footage isn’t that great, but being within short driving distance of VCU and Carytown more than makes up for it,” Thompson said of the 5-by-3-foot bathroom on the Facebook group Lindsey’s List, where he is offering the space for $600 a month including utilities, a hot plate, and a roll of Charmin Essentials toilet paper.

“We’re looking for a pretty chill tenant who is up for a good time now and then but is also responsible, clean, and respectful of space. Our .5BA includes water, internet, and your own parking space in the back alley. Aso, if you can mount a TV above the mirror, we’ll happily throw in cable, too.”

At the time of reporting, Thompson mentioned he also had a full bath on the second floor that he was also renting out for $1,000 a month, provided you are totally cool with sharing it with his current roommate.

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