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Report: Richmond Residents Say Gas Must Hit $17 Per Gallon Before They’ll Consider Bolt Scooters

RICHMOND, Va. — According to a recent report from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the majority of Richmond residents still refuse to utilize bolt scooters as a form of transportation, despite record-breaking gas prices. 

“The survey results speak for themselves — until a gallon of unleaded hits around $17, Richmonders will pay the price for motor vehicles before resorting to bolt scooters ” Bryan Nguyen, a spokesperson for VDOT, said in a statement, adding that traveling distances didn’t factor in a favor for the scooters. “Even if it’s just a quick trip down Floyd St. to pick up some weed from your friend Chris, the majority of our community risk financial instability to do it before being caught zooming down the road in one of those scooters. It’s safe to say that even with World War III looming, those bolt scooters are just going to collect dust and cobwebs.”

When asked if rising gas prices could increase usage of the GRTC Transit System, Nguyen pointed out that a lot of the community was still too stubborn to ditch their vehicles for the sake of public transportation. 

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