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Liberty University To Begin Selling Communion Wine at Sporting Events 

LYNCHBURG, Va. — In an effort to make sporting events more fun yet spiritual, Liberty University (LU) will begin selling communion wine at all home sporting events starting later this year, the university announced Friday.

Through a partnership with Afton Mountain Vineyards, the university is planning to offer sacramental wine for purchase for attendees at all sporting events, starting with Liberty Flames’ football games at Williams Stadium for the Fall 2022 semester.

“We’re excited to announce that students and faculty alike will now have the ability to practice eucharist in remembrance of Christ while cheering on their academic brothers and sisters in competitive sports,” John Rogers, a spokesperson for LU Athletics, said in a statement, adding that the altar wine would be served in small plastic cups with sacramental bread or crackers as accompaniment. 

“Starting in September, you’ll be able to celebrate a touchdown or interception by partaking in the most sacred of Christian rites. We plan to give the term ‘Hail Mary’ a new meaning at football games by allowing students to strengthen not just the faith of themselves but that of their teammates, too.”

So far, most of the student body has been receptive to the opportunity to consume the blood of Christ during football games and is looking forward to the addition of communion wine at sporting events.

“I think it’ll be great to practice Holy Communion while simultaneously cheering for a 250lb linebacker to sack the other team’s quarterback into oblivion,” Chad Smith, a junior studying Political Science, mentioned in an interview. “I know that if there’s any one moment I need a reminder of who my true Lord and Savior is, it’s during a college football game in the playoffs.” 

“Plus, I get pretty hungry during games whenever we don’t tailgate, so having more snack options is always good,” he added.

Rogers went on note that while the ability to practice the sacred Christian ritual was certainly encouraged, students will still be required to attend the weekly Convocation events at the Vine Center, even if hungover. 

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