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Nation’s Democrats Promise More Inaction To Counter Roe v. Wade Ruling

1/9/20 Richmond, VA - Second Day of Session 2020- Thursday in the House of Delegates at the Virginia State Capitol. Photo credit: Amanda Maglione

EVERYWHERE — In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade, Democrats across the country have promised more inaction to protect the individual rights of women everywhere, sources confirmed Saturday. “If the GOP thinks they can further abortion bans throughout the nation, they’ve got another thing coming,” a statement from the U.S. Democrats’ official website of read, promising a swift and tough fight by merely angrily shaking a fist. “You can count on us to fight any further laws that restrict the right to a female’s bodily autonomy by doing absolutely jack shit.” The statement went on to politely ask for funding and campaign contributions that will totally be used to adequately preserve the rights of the pro-choice movement and definitely nothing else, reminding constituents that, yet again, the upcoming election was the most important one of their lives.

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