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We Ranked Five Things in Virginia That Have More Rights Than Women

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, we ranked five things in Virginia that are protected more than women’s rights at this point.

5. The guy in I-95 traffic that refuses to use his signal when he merges

He has the right to an attorney should a police officer even choose to pull him over, but Youngkin wants a 15-week abortion law. 

4. Virginia hams

People still eat these for some reason, which leads us to believe people would protect salted hams if, like women’s access to reasonable healthcare, was threatened.

3. Bees

There are more campaigns about saving the bees, including federal laws to ensure pollination, than there are for women’s reproductive rights.

2. That one pole at The Broadberry that continues to block your view of the band onstage

Despite being the biggest buzzkill in Richmond’s live music scene, the pole is still standing, likely due to safety protections that offer more than what women are afforded in this country.

1. The continued existence of Virginia Beach

How has no one just “outlawed” Virginia Beach at this point? If women are going to lose their right to choice, then we should make illegal the entire oceanfront that represents the dreary and unappealing void the nation is becoming. 

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